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Perfecting Peds

Comprehensive medication management for longitudinal care of complex kids.


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Multi-environment comprehensive medication management 

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Are you looking for the next way to optimize outcomes for your pediatric population?

Our pharmacists will ensure a better understanding of your patient's medications. Together we will provide the most safe, cost effective, simple medication regimen for all complex children.

Why Work W/ Us

Children are uniquely vulnerable to medication errors

Many children have infrequent follow up with consulting physician specialists resulting in significant delays in necessary changes to pharmacotherapy plans

Adverse drug reactions are rampant and morbid  

Why Work With Us

The prescription, dispensing, and administration of medications account for a substantial portion of the preventable medical errors that occur with children

Synchronous communication with the care team is critical 

Managing medications across subspecialties requires pediatric clinical pharmacists

Long term medication optimization is its own field

Today, kids on 25 different meds only have pharmacology optimization when inpatient, this is a mistake. 

Patient Outcomes

Cost Savings & Avoidance

Outcomes for 102 medically complex pediatric patients in 244 interventions:

Total Cost Savings:



Average Cost Saving per patient:


Total Cost Avoidance: 


Average Cost Avoidance per patient: $479/month

An average reduction of 15% less medications per child


Avoided 28 admissions and 61 ambulatory care visits

Patient Outcomes
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All Things Pediatrics!


Perfecting Peds is partnering with payors to bring a Value-Based Care focus to medically complex pediatric patients. Our goal is to reduce admissions, readmissions, total cost of care, and morbidity 

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What Clients Say About Perfecting Peds

Perfecting Peds has provided me with such a wealth of information and knowledge, I can't thank them enough. They really took the time to get all my medications, vitamins, and supplements into her system in order to make informed recommendations. Their knowledge of drug interactions is amazing! They also happen to be very caring and empathetic, which is tough to come by these days in the medical community. I would highly recommend them! 
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