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Perfecting Peds

Ensuring safe and effective drug use and optimal medication therapy outcomes in children up to 21 years of age.


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Comprehensive Clinical Services

including Medication Regimen Reviews

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 Feeling overwhelmed by your child's medications? 

We offer virtual consultations for parents! Our pharmacists will ensure a better understanding of your child’s medications and offer you peace of mind. We will work with your pediatricians and sub specialists to provide the most safe, cost effective, simple medication regimen for your child.

Why Work W/ Us

Children are uniquely vulnerable to medication errors

Why Work With Us

The prescription, dispensing, and administration of medications account for a substantial portion of the preventable medical errors that occur with children

Accurate pediatric medication administration requires knowledge of the child’s weight, age, height, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Many children have infrequent follow up with consulting physician specialists resulting in significant delays in necessary changes to pharmacotherapy plans

Adult formulation of medications are often not appropriate for administration in the pediatric population. Selection of appropriate preparations and concentrations is of paramount importance as it allows doses to be accurately measured and administered, especially liquid medications

Nursing facilities accepting Medicare and Medicaid funding must  have medication error rate to less than 5%

Numerous publications have reinforced the economic benefit provided by pharmacist intervention for prevention of adverse events

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"Jena Quinn has provided me with such a wealth of information and knowledge, I can’t thank her enough. She really took the time to get all my medications, vitamins and supplements into her system in order to make informed recommendations.  Her knowledge of drug interactions is amazing! She also happens to be a very caring and empathetic person, which is tough to come by these days in the medical community. I would highly recommend her!"
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